Epson Printer Not Printing Black

How to Remove the issue of Epson Printer Not Printing Black?

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All time, you cannot expect a brilliant performance with the operation of the Epson printer. Likewise, for any other printing device, this device cannot at stone’s throw distance to achieve the most validated result. The user becomes frustrated to see the message Epson printer not printing black. At this time, the user becomes helpless about what to do or not. Meanwhile, many thoughts are running in your mind and you cannot give up the process of printing and scanning instances. Most probably, some internal takes place in Epson printer and you cannot expect, how to entertain this device with exceptional troubleshooting skills.

This situation would be most embarrassing as Epson printer does not offer the same result as you ever achieved. No matter what command you offer to the printer,it does not provide the result as per instruction. Consequently, your printout, page becomes blank and you tend to tense. It might be possible that the connected device does not provide the same kind of result as the standard parameter tells.

Resolve technical hurdle namely Epson printer not printing black

By the way, no single reason is accountable for printing blank. So, you make sure that each reason plays an important role in why Epson printing is no printing.  But, you have the assurance not to face the technical hurdle after taking the operation from the most reliable destination. One should have to go through the proper reason why is Epson printer not printing.

 Why is My Epson Printer not printing black

The big issue doesn’t need to be accountable for the Epson printer not printing color. Sometimes, you cannot expect why your Epson printer does not perform. The minute careless habits leave you delusion and offer you the best results. So, it is advised that you should have to conduct the small check-up before getting the troubleshooting of Epson printer won’t print black

  • The primary step is that you should check that your EPSON printer is on or not.
  • Then, you take the confirmation that your printer is connected to your computer through using USB cable.
  • After that you make sure that your printer cartridge work properly or not.
  • In addition to this, you make sure all papers are inserted into paper tray or not.
  • Ensure that Epson printer has the signal error or not.
  • Clean the printer’s head and try to access the subjected results.

In case you take do take care of your printer, then some dust layer might be deposited on this. Having this situation for a long time back provides the issues of printer not printing black. Do not see to surprise this incident as printer heads have the layer with ink and air level. Thereby, it is requested that you should use your printer regularly. Do not leave it in the distress condition as getting the suitable functionality with operating of different Epson printer is obvious.

4 ways to fix Epson Printer Not printing Black issues

1. Clean Epson printer’s printhead 

  • First of all, you would have to clean out print head of your printer.
  • The sequential step is that you should use paper tray to put the printing paper. In this way, you can expect to take print on this paper sheet.
  • After a while, you should open the computer panel located at right side of your computer.
  • After sometimes, you can towards the option of printer and tablet.
  • Next step is that you should pick the computer and network panel from the object control menu.
  • So, you should not go for the right click option and chose your selected printer option.
  • Now, you would have to move on printer preference.
  • After sometimes, you should move on manage option.
  • After a while, you can see the Epson printer preference option.
  • Be positive and get the printer respire option and go for head cleaning option.
  • After sometimes, you should have to push down the start button.
  • To stay away from printer repair option, you can reach for start option and go from heading cleaning.
  • Last but not least, you must follow the on-screen instruction to manage the recommended results.

2. Re-install your Epson printer 

If you do not install your printer properly, you cannot expect to get the blessing result as you ever thought. In this trouble condition, you see the message EPSON printer not printing window 10. In case you trap in this error, then you should re-install your printer. Now, you have the sure confidence to remove blunder error from to bottom level. Once you do so, you cannot see the Epson printer won’t print issue furthermore.

  • Go to the option of program and features and check everything from top to bottom level.
  • Uninstall the Epson printer right click on Epson printer icon.
  • Now, you would have to turn off PC and printer for some time.
  • It would be great that you should have to disconnect your printer from computer device.
  • Restart computer and printer on the same time.
  • It is the best way that you should connect the Epson printer with a computer.
  • Thereafter, you on your computer and proceed in different direction.

It would be possible that you re-install the Epson printer, it does not offer you the same kind result as you ever expect. At this time, you do not lose hope and achieve the most superlative result through using other troubleshooting methods. The most imperative option is that you should fix the Epson printer problem using to set your EPSON printer to default. Once you do this, you should follow the aforementioned step to gain results.

3. Set as the default Printer 

  • Try to choose your Epson printer as the default printer in your computer screen
  • First of all, you should go for windows 10 computer and click on the start button and make changes in setting
  • Thereafter, you can move on the printer and scanner option.
  • Wait for a while and reach on device option and select the printer and scanner.
  • It is high time that you should choose the Epson printer in your device. After that, you can move on the manage option to gain the most suitable results.
  • Without taking much time, you should go to set it as the default button and complete the deserving process.
  • It would be great that you should uncheck the option in case you do not see the default button.

Now, you should not take the unnecessary pressure in your mind how to configure the default printer in the exchange icon of the Epson printer. Take the verification how can gain the most prospective result through shedding the printing command. It would be possible the Epson printer compilation leaves some patch mark on your paper. That’s why it is requested that you should try to different method to reflection of printing command.

4. Ensure Ink level

Having the Epson printer is not printing issue means that something happens wrong with machinery part. Well, you do not worry for this purpose and make sure how much ink lies in your cartage. The low volume of cartridges does offer the same quality result as you ever expected. To check out the ink volume, you should go through the below mentioned steps.

  • The primary step is that you should visit the control panel of your computer’s menu.
  • Once you reach in computer and printer option, you can click the computer and printer option form menu bar.
  • Thereafter, you can go the control panel of your computer in windows 10 operating system, you should press the printer and computer option.
  • The next step is that you ought to right click on Epson printer and choose the printer preference option. Thereby, you should move on the print preference option to gain the most sustaining results.
  • The availability of this option is under the device and control option.
  • Wait for a while, you should take the simple snap under the repair tab.
  • After sometimes, you ought to select the status monitor of Epson printer.
  • Now, you can go for maintenance menu and open the Epson printer menu through clicking it.
  • The new panel will showcase the right ink volume to ensure how much printing capacity for the respective paper piece.
  • In case display panel shows the low link, then you can refill the ink with the co-ordination of fresh ink cartridges.


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