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How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200 – [6 Methods]

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Canon printer users often encounter various types of error codes. A frequent one is Canon printer error 5200. The error can be because of low ink, faulty cartridges, or a glitch with the printer’s logic board. Issues with the cartridges are the most common reason for the 520 error. This problem is common in various Canon printer models, especially the PIXMA series devices.

If you’ve been trying to troubleshoot this Canon printer error in vain, this article is what you need. Continue reading to uncover the causes and resolutions of this annoying problem.

Most Causes the Canon Printer Error 5200

This problem comes with the following message: ‘A service error has occurred.’ Some primary causes for it are as follows:

  • The cartridges are low in ink or completely empty.
  • Improper installation of the cartridges.
  • The damaged logic board of the printing device.
  • Improper placement of black ink in the printer.
  • The printheads are unclean.

6 Methods to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200

Learning the causes must have given you a greater insight into the nature of this error. Now you are ready to resolve it with the following fixes.

Method 1. Do basic checks

The first step is to perform some basic checks. Follow these points and see if you can resolve the Canon printer offline problem due to error 5200.

  • Turn off your Canon printer model.
  • Open the printer’s cover.
  • Now look for an orange protective tape on it. Remove this tape.
  • Remove white polystyrene from the printer.
  • Find out if there are any objects inside the printer. Remove these things that can hinder the printer’s working.

Method 2. Refill the ink tanks

The Canon printer error 5200 MX340 is primarily a result of low ink levels. So, first, find out the ink levels in the cartridges.

  • Check the ink levels by first turning on your printer.
  • Now hit the ‘Setup’ button.
  • Use the arrow buttons to choose ‘Ink Information.’
  • Hit ‘OK.’
  • Using the arrow buttons, choose ‘Remaining Ink.’
  • Hit the ‘OK’ button.
  • If the ink levels are low, change the cartridge.
  • Lift up the top of the printer and prop it up using a stick.
  • Take out the cartridge low in ink.
  • Replace it with a new ink cartridge.
  • Snap back the cartridges into place.
  • Do the same with the color cartridge.
  • Replace it if it is low in color ink.
  • Now, push the right stick in after completing these steps.
  • The printer will close automatically.
  • It will be ready to print.

Method 3. Reset your Canon printer to its default settings

Another great workaround to this error is to bring back the settings of your Canon printer to their default state. Follow these pointers to perform this process.

  • If your printer is active, turn it off.
  • After you are certain that the printer is off, hit the ‘Stop’ and ‘On’ buttons together.
  • Keep pressing the buttons for 3 seconds.
  • After this period, release the ‘Stop’ button.
  • While pressing the ‘On’ button, you need to press the ‘Stop’ button too.
  • The latter should be pressed five times with 2 seconds in between.
  • When you press the ‘Stop’ button, the yellow icon lights should be lit.
  • Now, release both buttons.
  • You will notice the LCD of your printer being powered on while remaining blank.
  • You will also see the ‘On’ button starting to flash.
  • When it stops flashing, press it and power off your printer.
  • Take out the printer cartridges.
  • Clean them and put them in their place.
  • Turn on the device. Then set it up.

Method 4. Clean the printhead of your printer

Cleaning the printhead is also a good way to prevent Canon printer error 5200. Cleaning also unclogs the nozzles and makes the printhead functional. You can also clean the printhead when you find the Canon printer not printing color. However, note that this process consumes a lot of ink. So, do it only if it is very necessary.

Here’s how you can clean the printhead of your model.

  • Turn on the power of your Canon printer.
  • Hold down the ‘Stop’ button.
  • Do it till the alarm lamp flashes twice.
  • After that, release it quickly.
  • The printer will commence cleaning the printhead.
  • The cleaning will end when you see the ‘ON’ lamp light flashing.
  • It is essential to not perform any other operations till your printer completes printhead cleaning.
  • This won’t consume more than half a minute.
  • Now, print a nozzle check pattern to check the condition of the printhead.

Method 5. Clean the printhead manually

Sometimes, you may need to clean the printhead manually. Follow this process to do it and fix the error 5200.

  • Remove the cartridges from your printer.
  • Take out the printhead and keep it in a shallow container filled with water.
  • Keep only the nozzles in the water.
  • The liquid should not touch the electrical contacts.
  • Use a spoon to pour warm water into the printer nozzles.
  • The ink will spread into the water when you shake the printhead.
  • Replace the water and do this process again.
  • There should be no ink present.
  • This requires you to leave the nozzles overnight.
  • After that, dry the printhead with absorbent paper.
  • After it’s fully dry, put it back and the cartridges into the printer.
  • See if error 5200 has been fixed.

Method 6. Turn on and turn off the printer

Turning the printer on and off is also called a power cycle. This is a simple fix for the 5200 error.

  • Switch off your Canon printer.
  • Hold down the ‘Power’ button.
  • After that, disconnect the power supply.
  • Let the printer stay disconnected for a while.
  • Then reconnect the power supply.
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Print a test page. It will let you know if the 5200 error code is still there.

Summing up

In many cases, the 5200 error code in the Canon printer is mainly due to faulty ink cartridge installation or low ink. The measures in this post will help you fix it. But if they don’t work and you need more Printer-fixing error assistance, feel free to contact a Canon printer Support expert.

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