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How to Fix Canon Printer offline on Windows 10

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Canon printer is known as the best among customers for excellent features to accomplish deserved work. But, something odd happens in the Canon printer in the form of the Canon Printer is offline. The presence of this technology indicates not enjoy printing and scanning anymore. This technical hiccup outlines abnormalities that lie in this machine. Do not panic about the Canon printer offline issue and diagnose the most possible reason for the appearance of this problem.

Why is My Canon Printer Offline

1. Faulty printer settings

Having alternation in the printer is the prime cause of the Printer’s offline problem. So, you make a definite change in the printer setting option.

2. The printer is offline

The offline status option is in the active stage. Hence, you can expect to find the justified printing and scanning as compilation cannot proceed.

3. Printer spooler issue

In case printer performance is not up to mark, then your printer is bound to reach an offline phase.

4. Paper feeding issues

It may be possible that the Canon printer holds too much paper stuff and proceeding next movement action is hard. In case this happens in real-time, then you must vacate it. Doing this is imperative as excessive paper feeding leads you to the verge of offline issues. Thereby, you make sure that you have fed sufficient paper for gaining the printing outcome benefits.

5. Faulty USB cable connection

There might be a poor connection between the printer USB and computer due to a low wiring facility. Hence, you can reach the verge of offline printing circumstances. Now, you can make sure that the computer and printer are connected properly.

6. Improper wireless connection

No proper connection and interference between the computer and Wi-Fi break off of your printer and Wi-Fi routing error. This circumstance is enough for the availability of a Canon printer offline error.

The Canon printer error cannot happen only one time, but it is the consequence of the aforementioned causes in reality. Do not regret why this problem happens in real-time and you would have to go through the proper reason to deal with it.

4 Methods to Fix Canon Printer Offline on Windows 10

Before going into any other step, you must check that your Canon printer does not have any connection conflict. Do not freak while seeing the Canon printer offline prompt message on the computer screen. The prime step is that you should check the Windows 10 setting and check out not the existence of the default printer.

Let us you ought to use the imperative trick for Canon Printer is offline Windows 10 incidence. Perhaps, you are supposed to change in default printer set.

Method 1. Change the printer settings

  • Reach on the windows menu and search the control panel. Move ahead in the sub-item listed in this and reach the device and printer options.
  • Once you click on the printer option and select the Canon printer from the drop-down list, you must right-click on the Canon printer icon to see the hidden details in it. When the printer reaches its default stage, you must check out the green mark message on it.
  • Now, you have to disable the printer offline stage. Thereafter, you must follow the below steps to know whether the Canon printer is free from error or not.
  • In case your Canon printer has a green mark, then you must go ahead to the printer option and select the printing option. On the other hand, it might be in grey, you need to right-click on this stage and select it as the default printer.
  • The final step emphasizes this fact to take the full details of the printer option. Apart from using the printer offline and pausing printing, you need to uncheck other options. In this way, you cannot stay connected with the negative functionality.

Method 2. Turn on the printer spooler service

To know the perfect answer to why my Canon printer says offline, you ensure the spooler server is on or not. It displays the interruption message in the form of my Canon printer being offline. In case this circumstance takes place in Windows 10, then you must go through the below-mentioned steps.

  • Arrive on the Windows search bar and open the run dialog box. In the text box of the run command, you need to type services.msc
  • After a while, you will go through the property window and locate its spool option from the list, you make sure it is in running mode or not. In case it does not lie in the running stage, then you would click on the printer spooler. Then, you select the start option.
  • The second possibility is that you want to restart the spooler service and right-click on the printer spooler option. In doing so, you can move on to the restart option.
  • Eventually, you must close the property window and check the printer window. To do so, it must be in the online mode.

I have a positive enthusiasm that doing these steps is helpful in canceling Canon printer’s offline Windows 10 error.

Method 3. Disable Use Printer Offline

The Use Printer Offline functionality prevents your printer from going offline. Follow these steps to disable this feature.

  • Restart the Canon printer.
  • Enter the ‘Control Panel.’
  • Select ‘Devices and Printers.’
  • You will be able to see your printing device on the screen.
  • Right-click on it and choose ‘See what’s printing.’
  • Tap on the ‘Printer’ option.
  • Now, if you notice a check beside Use Printer Offline, uncheck it.
  • Also, uncheck ‘Pause Printing.’

Method 4. Upgrade the Canon printer driver

  • Head to the search box on your system.
  • Launch the Run box.
  • Enter the ‘Device Manager’ window through the Run box.
  • Now, enlarge the ‘Print Queues’ option.
  • You will find your Canon printing device.
  • Right-click it and pick the ‘Update Driver’ option.
  • Tap ‘Search automatically for driver software.’
  • After the driver update process ends, reboot your computer.
  • The Canon printer offline problem will be resolved.

How to Fix Canon Printer Offline on Mac

Many people hold wish to use a Canon printer in MAC and bringing you in a Canon printer is the offline outcome. There are several ways as you know MAC printer does not work anymore. By the way, most suspected incidents confront offline issues while using a MAC system. Let us go, through the below-mentioned problem.

  • My wireless printer status is offline while using MAC.
  • How to return to the online printing stage as it pairs with offline?
  • How can turn your canon printer from offline to online?

1. Workarounds for Canon Printer Offline Mac

Likewise, in any other system, the Canon printer does not impart printing results. Hence, you should use below below-mentioned for removing problems.

  • Use the USB connection from offline to online
  • First, you have to press the button and hold the power button to reboot all printing functionalities.
  • Now, you move ahead on the printer and scanner option using the system preference. And remove the printer option from the MAC device.
  • Thereafter, you must uninstall the Canon printer driver from utilities.
  • Now, you can unplug the MAC and printer from the USB cable.
  • Thereafter, you are in impeccable need to download the latest version of the Canon printer driver.
  • It would be good to press and hold the power button to restart your computer.
  • After a while, you again connect MAC and printer using the cable.
  • After some time, you can see Apple on the menu and move on to the system and preference. As a result, you move on printer and scanners option and add the new printer using this plus sign.

By doing so, your Canon printer has the eligibility to stay connected in a positive stage and is ready for further use. Hence, you do not proceed in reach of any MAC printer online complaints.

2. Reset the printing system

While doing any work online work, the strength of the network connection plays an important role. Hence, you must follow this step to fix this issue.

Do not be upset while confronting the Canon printer offline as bringing back the concerned functionality is not hard for you.

  • First of all, you have to approach on Apple menu.
  • After some time, you must select system preference.
  • Thereafter, you can click on the printer and scanner options.
  • As soon as the pop-up window opens in the left panel, you would have to right-click and select the reset printing system options.
  • It asks for the mandatory credential details in the form of a username and password.
  • Now, you must click on the OK button.
  • Wait for the definite time interval unless the printer list does not open.
  • At that end of time, you would have to add basic properties by using the + sign. Now, you will see that
  • Your printer goes from the offline to the online stage.

3. Use the USB connection

  • Hold and press the ‘Power’ button to facilitate a hard reboot of your printer.
  • On your Mac, access ‘System Preferences.’
  • Now, choose the ‘Printers & Scanners’ option.
  • Delete your Canon printer from your Mac.
  • Now from ‘Utilities,’ uninstall the printer driver.
  • Unplug your Canon printer and Mac via a USB cable.
  • Now download the latest printer drivers from the official Canon website and install them.
  • Hold and press the Power button to restart your printer,
  • Link your printer and Mac through the USB cable.
  • Tap the ‘Apple’ menu and access ‘System Preferences.’
  • Choose ‘Printers & Scanners.’
  • Hit the ‘+’ sign to add the printer.

4. Configure a static IP address

Setting a static IP address for your printer will help fix the offline issue. To set this address, consult the printer’s manual. Also, ensure that the printer is in a network as that of your Mac device. Sign in to your computer with a profile that has Manage Printer rights. Another thing you can do is stop the print spooler and clear all spooled files.


According to my generalization point of view, these steps are helpful to remove the most suitable errors and difficulties in this. You can dial a toll-free number if you applied methods do not work to overcome the Printer Fixing Error. We offer you instant Canon Printer support to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get the Canon printer back online?

You can get your Canon printer back online by accessing the ‘Hardware and Sound‘ section on the Control Panel. Tap ‘Devices and printers‘ and right-tap on your Canon printer. Choose ‘See what’s printing.’ Tap ‘Printer‘ and ensure that ‘Use printer offline‘ is unchecked.

2. Why does my Canon printer keep saying it’s offline?

If the Canon printer says offline, update printer drivers. Download the needed drivers and head to ‘Device Manager.’ Choose ‘Print Queues‘ and right-tap your printer. Choose ‘Update driver.’ When you see the ‘How do you want to search for driver‘ prompt, tap ‘Browse my computer for driver software.’ Select the option to install drivers.

3. How do I get my Canon printer online from my computer?

A simple way to get your printer online through your computer is to reboot the computer. Exit all applications and fully shut down your system. After some time, restart your computer. When it’s completely rebooted, give a test print.

4. How do I get my printer off the offline mode?

To get the printer off of offline mode, set it online manually. Head to the ‘Devices and Printers’ in the Control Panel, right-click your printer, and choose ‘See what’s printing.’ Choose ‘Printer‘ in the menu, and select ‘Use Printer Online‘ in the drop-down.

5. How do I get my Canon wireless printer back online?

If the Canon wireless printer goes offline, cancel all pending print tasks. Check the network connections and reboot the printer as well as the computer. If this doesn’t work, delete and reinstall the printer.

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