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Know Your HP Printer Default Password and Username Quickly

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Hewlett-Packard, or HP, is a software service provider in the United States. It sells its products, including printers, worldwide. These devices are high-performing machines that are a common part of the home and professional settings. When you buy the printer and connect them, it will ask you for the HP printer default password and username.

Users often wonder about this default password and where they can find it. The password is also needed if you wish to use the HP Smart application. You don’t need to feel confused about this default printer password anymore. In this article, we will explain to you exactly what this default password is and ways to find and configure it.

A Word about the HP Printer Default Password

The default passwords of HP printers are crucial when you configure the device. They are also important while factory resetting the printer. The default credentials enable you to manage the security and privacy of the printing machine.

Here’s the HP printer default password list that you can find.

  • Blank, blank
  • Admin, 4455
  • Admin, admin
  • Admin, blank
  • Admin, 1111
  • Admin, HP00000

The default printer password can be anyone from this list. You must enter them one by one to find the suitable combination. It is essential to update the password as it prevents unauthorized user access.

The printer will always prompt you for a password when you modify its settings. In the following sections, we will tell you how to discover this password and then change it.

Ways to Locate the Default Password of the HP Printer

Now you have a good understanding of what is the default HP printer password. Let us look at the different ways to find it.

1. Test regular username and password combinations.

The HP printer gives you endless attempts to enter the default password and username. So, you can see a combination of standard usernames and passwords.

While you are testing, wait for some time after giving a wrong attempt, as too many incorrect attempts in a short timeframe will make the printer block you.

Here’s the HP printer default password list. The first part is the username, and the second is the password.

  • administrator/administrator
  • admin/(blank)
  • administrator/12345678
  • admin/admin123
  • admin/12345678
  • administrator/admin123
  • administrator/(blank)

2. Look at your printer manual

Another way of finding the default username and password of your HP printer is by looking at the printer manual. This is one of the simplest ways, as you only need to access the manual that came with your printer.

Moreover, the password and username here will always be correct. So, you need not spend time trying out different combinations.

You will require the password to make changes to the printer settings. So, on the index page of the printer’s manual, find the ‘Password’ heading. After you find it, use it and start printing.

3. Look at the back of the printer.

Another way to find the HP printer default password is to examine the back side of the printer. Apart from the backside, you can also look at any other place on the device. The goal is to find a sticker over the printer which has the basic details of the device.

This will have the password that your printer demands. It will also have a pin code, a PIN, ID, password, and similar details. If you notice an 8-character PIN, consider it as the default password.

4. Create a copy of the settings page.

Yet another way to find the default password of your HP printer is by making a copy of the settings page. You should make a copy of the printer settings.

Here are the steps to create a copy and find the default password.

  • Tap the ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘I’ buttons.
  • Press these buttons for up to 10 seconds. The ‘I’ button is that of information.
  • Shortly afterward, you will find a copy of the printer settings.
  • Now, inspect the display screen of the printer.
  • Find out if it can print the settings.
  • Here you will find the default username and password.

How to Modify the HP Printer Default Password

Now that you have found the default password of your printer, get ready to set up a new one. Use these instructions to configure a new default admin password.

  • Look for the ‘Home’ button on your HP printing device. This button is near the printer’s screen.
  • Using the arrow buttons, touch the option of ‘Setup.’
  • Next, from this menu, select the ‘Network’ option.
  • An option saying ‘Restore Network Defaults’ will show up.
  • Click on this option.
  • Get back to your system and place the mouse on the ‘Start’ button.
  • Expand the options that show up.
  • Find the tab for ‘Devices and Printers.’
  • Right-click it.
  • The window of ‘Devices and Printers’ will open.
  • Here, locate the HP printer icon and double-tap it.
  • Now, the settings will open.
  • Here, choose the ‘Properties’ option.
  • Hit ‘Password.’
  • Its window will open.
  • Go to the ‘Change Option.’
  • Here, type in the default HP printer password with the username.
  • Now, create a new password.
  • When you are done with it, touch ‘Save new HP wireless printer default password.’

Summing up

Now you can easily locate the default password of your HP printer. Use the various methods above to find it and, after that, change it and make it unique. If you feel confused or have any doubts, consult a professional printer technical expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I locate my HP printer’s default password?

To find the HP printer default password, turn on the printer. Now hold and press the ‘Wireless direct printing’ button for a few seconds. It will start an automatic printout. Release the button and wait for the printout to emerge. In this printout, you can find the password. Go to the ‘Wi-Fi’ option, choose the printer, and enter this password.

2. Why is my HP printer prompting for a password?

The HP printer will ask you to input a password when you attempt to see the Network Printer’s properties. The reason is that it is attached to a Wi-Fi network that is secured via an encryption type. It may also prompt for a password if you are using a regular network printer in Windows.

3. How do I find the Wi-Fi password of my HP printer without printing?

You can find the wireless network password on a Windows system by opening ‘Wi-Fi Settings.’ Here, tap ‘Change adapter options.’ Then right-tap your wireless network’s name and tap ‘Status.’ Tap ‘Wireless properties’ below ‘Connection.’ Now, choose ‘Show characters’ in the ‘Security’ tab to find the password.

4. What’s the default password of my HP DeskJet 3630?

You can print out the Wi-Fi Direct password of your DeskJet printer. Power on the printer and press and hold the ‘Wi-Fi Direct’ button. It will produce a network diagnostic report. In this report, you will find the Wi-Fi Direct password. Enter it on your computer.

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