How to Reset Epson Printer

How to Reset Epson Printer Through Different Methods

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Epson printers are highly popular printing devices that you can find in various settings. However, during the course of their usage, they may encounter various errors. If you are facing problems with the printer’s functioning, learning how to reset the Epson printer can help.

A reset lets you start from scratch and fix various printer issues. However, bear in mind that this process will make your printer go back to its original settings. So, if you are fine with that, continue with the procedure. Often users feel that they need to possess sound technical knowledge to successfully reset their printers. But that’s not the case.

This article will walk you through the different ways of resetting your Epson printer.

When Does Your Epson Printer Needs a Reset?

There are three major indicators for you to carry out a printer reset. These are as follows:

  • The button in the pink shade next to the Power button on your printer is blinking continuously.
  • The same button shows a steady light. This points to a printer error which you can fix through a reset.
  • A message saying ‘Waste Ink Pad is full’ appears on the printer.

If you notice any of these signs, it means that the printer isn’t performing optimally. But there’s no need to call a technician yet. You can manually reset a printer to fix them.

Steps to Factory Reset Epson Printer

Learning how to reset the Epson printer to factory settings is a great fix when you cannot seem to pinpoint the cause of the printer issue. Follow these points to restore your Epson printer to the factory default configuration.

  • Start by turning off your Epson printing device.
  • Locate the ‘Reset’ button present on the rear of the Epson printer. It will be close to the Ethernet port.
  • Press and hold the ‘Reset’ button on the printing machine for a couple of seconds.
  • Don’t let go of the reset button. While you are holding it, turn on your printing device.
  • Now, wait till the printer produces a message that says, ‘Epson printer device is resetting.’
  • This is how to factory reset the Epson printer. It will fix the issue whose cause is hard to find.

Use the Control Panel to Reset Epson Printer to Factory Default

You can also use the control panel of your printer to make it go to factory settings. Here are the steps to reset the printer in this way.

  • Hit the button with the symbol of ‘Home’ on the control panel of the Epson printer.
  • Through the navigation button, launch the ‘Setup’ menu.
  • Tap ‘OK’ after that.
  • Now, through the navigation keys, find the option ‘Restore Default Settings.’
  • You can select any of the settings. These include Network Settings, Scan Settings, Copy Settings, Fax Settings, and Clear All Data and Settings.
  • Choose ‘Yes’ to reset the chosen settings.
  • After that, restart the Epson printer.
  • Your printer has been restored to factory default.

The Method to Manually Reset Your Epson Printer

There are various methods to manually reset an Epson printer. Here is one such effective method.

  • Turn on your printer.
  • Now turn it off by hitting the Power button.
  • Wait for five seconds and then hold and press the pink button.
  • Press the Power button simultaneously.
  • Your printer will now be powered on.
  • You can see the power indicator blinking green light.
  • When it stops flashing, release the pink button.
  • Now the pink button will have a blinking or steady LED light.
  • Hit the pink button for a count of 10 and then release it.
  • Press it again for two seconds before releasing it.
  • Now the pink button’s LED light will stop blinking. This is how to factory reset the Epson printer

Use the Printer’s Adjustment Program

  • Install the Epson printer’s adjustment program on your PC.
  • Once it installs, run it and tap the ‘Select’ option.
  • In the Select menu, tap the model number of your Epson printer and the port through which the printer links to your system.
  • After that, tap ‘OK’ followed by clicking on ‘Particular adjustment mode.’
  • Tap ‘Waste Ink Pad Counter’ in the new window.
  • Now click ‘OK.’
  • Select the ‘Main Ink pad Counter’ option.
  • On the same window, tap ‘Initialize.’
  • After that, tap ‘Finish.’
  • Lastly, tap your Epson printer again.

Use the Admin Settings to Reset the Printer

Learn how to factory reset the Epson printer through the admin settings.

  • Switch off your printing device through the ‘Power’ button.
  • The ‘Factory Reset’ button is present at the back of the printer. Find the button.
  • Press and hold this button through a pin or a paper clip.
  • Keep the ‘Reset’ button pressed and power on the printer.
  • Release the ‘Reset’ button the moment you find the printer warning page getting printed.
  • The new page that will be printed will have your printer’s default ID address.
  • The printer has been reset.

Final Words

Resetting an Epson printer can be a good troubleshooting option if you are fine with the settings being restored to their original defaults. You can factory reset this printer through various methods, as described above. If you still need assistance or encounter any printer errors, seek professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the reset button on my Epson printing device?

The reset button is situated on the back of the Epson printer. Using this button, you can reset the print settings to the default values. When you press and hold this button for a few seconds, it resets the printer.

2. What happens after I reset the Epson printer to factory settings?

A factory reset returns the settings of the printer to the original ones. These are the settings that were configured when you first brought the printer. Factory resetting helps troubleshoot paper feed problems, network connection issues, and unexpected paper jams.

3. How do I reset an Epson printer?

To reset your printer, turn it off and locate the Reset button on the printer’s back. Hold and press it for three to four seconds. Turn the printer on while pressing the Reset button. Now, wait till the device prints a message.

4. How do I reboot my wireless printer?

You can reboot your wireless printer by turning off the device and taking out its power cord. After a minute, plug back the cord. The printing device will now reset and get switched on. Let the center of the cartridge and then give a print command.

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