How to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi

How to Connect HP Printer to WiFi | [A Complete Guide]

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HP printers are the leading printing devices in the US and the UK. The latest printer models from the brand are HP+ enabled. They can connect wirelessly to your system or smartphone through the HP Smart app. When you learn how to connect an HP printer to WiFi, it makes multiple devices print from a single machine without any physical connection.

Apart from employing the HP Smart app for the latest printer models, you can use the WPS Push button and Auto Wireless Connect to link your printer wirelessly. We will explain all these methods in this guide.

How to Connect My HP Printer to WiFi 

  • To connect the HP printer models to Wi-Fi, use the HP Smart app.
  • Link an HP print device to Wi-Fi via the Auto Wireless Connect software.
  • You can also connect your HP touchscreen printer wirelessly through the Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.
  • Use a USB cable to link your HP printer without a display wirelessly.

How to Connect HP Smart Printer to wifi

With the aid of the HP Smart tool, you can link your printer wirelessly and start printing from either your mobile or your PC. Download this app, create an HP account, and use these steps to configure the print device wirelessly.

  • Turn on your HP printing machine and let it enter the Wi-Fi setup mode.
  • To set up this particular mode, go to the ‘Wireless’ menu on your touchscreen HP printer.
  • Here, touch ‘Network Setup’ followed by ‘Restore network settings.’
  • For HP InkJet printer without a touchscreen
  1. Hold and press together the ‘Cancel’ and ‘Wireless’ buttons.
  2. Do it till you see the ‘Power’ button.
  3. After that, you will see the ‘Wireless’ light.
  • For HP LaserJet printer without a control panel or touchscreen
  1. Hold and press the ‘Wireless’ button till you see the ‘Attention’ light.
  2. After a few short moments, you will view the wireless light.
  • To link to Wi-Fi, in HP Smart, choose ‘Setup a new printer.’
  • The app will detect printers in the Wi-Fi setup mode and find them.
  • When it does, tap ‘Setup’ on your HP printing machine.
  • When the HP Smart confirms that your device is ready, tap ‘Continue.’
  • Now, input the Wi-Fi password for the network your device is linked to.
  • Hit ‘Continue’ after confirming the password.
  • Finally, take the necessary actions to confirm how close you are to your device for security purposes.

NOTE: This process will work for HP Envy All-in-One HP+ Wireless Color Printer, HP LaserJet M140w Wireless Printer, HP Smart Tank 7605, Wireless All-in-One Color Printer, HP OfficeJet Pro 9019e Wireless All-in-One Printer and HP Envy 6032e All-in-One HP+ Enabled Wireless Color Printer.

How Do I Connect My HP Printer to WiFi Using Auto Wireless Connect

The HP Auto Wireless Connect establishes a connection with your wireless network without connecting cables. Check that the machine on which you are installing this software is linked to Wi-Fi. You must also have your network name and network security password handy.

Now, follow these steps to connect your HP printer to WiFi.

  • Unpack your HP printer and turn it on.
  • Your printer will go into the Auto Wireless Connect mode if it is compatible.
  • Install the Auto Wireless Connect software from
  • Here, simply enter your printer model and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • The connection method should be ‘HP Auto Wireless Connect.’
  • If your network configuration is incompatible with this connection method, you will see an alternative method on the screen.

How to Connect HP Printer to New WiFi Network Using WPS Push Button

Before using WPS, check whether you meet these requirements:

  • A Wi-Fi router with a WPS button.
  • A network using WPA or WPA2 security
  • You should not be using the default network name of the manufacturer.

These pointers will help you connect your HP printer wirelessly via WPS.

  • Printers with a touchscreen should locate the WPS menu in the ‘Wireless Settings Menu.’
  • If your printer does not contain a touchscreen, hit the ‘Wi-Fi’ button for a few seconds.
  • You must press the WPS button within 2 minutes on your router.
  • When the connection is established, the printer’s Wi-Fi light will be steady.

Connect Your Printer Wirelessly with a USB Setup

Are you wondering how to connect the HP Laserjet printer to Wi-Fi? You can use the USB setup of a wireless printing device without a display. This setup employs a USB cable to link the PC and the printing device. Remove the cable once the printer links wirelessly. Start the USB setup when you meet these requirements:

  • Your PC is wirelessly connected.
  • Your USB cable of the printer is inserted into one USB port of the PC.
  • The USB printer cable shouldn’t be plugged into the printing device.

After checking these conditions, open the printer software on your PC. Now, abide by the guidelines on your PC’s screen to link the printer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect the HP DeskJet printer to WiFi?

Download the HP Smart software and open it on your smartphone or your computer. Tap ‘Setup a new printer’ on the app. The printer will be available on the screen. Tap it to set it up wirelessly. Enter the Wi-Fi password and tap ‘Continue.’ Press the flashing information button on your DeskJet printer. The connection will happen on its time in a few moments. Once it is established, tap ‘Continue’ on the app.

Why is my HP printer not linking to WiFi?

Your signal strength may be very weak, or your computer and printer do not share a single network. Go through the password reset process if you have changed the password recently. You may also restart your printer and computer to fix the issue.

How should I find the Wi-Fi password of my HP DeskJet printer?

Switch on your printer and press and hold the ‘Cancel’ and ‘Wireless’ buttons on the display for three seconds. On your smartphone, open the HP Smart tool. Hit the ‘+’ button and tap your printer’s name. Touch the ‘Printer Settings’ tab on the app. Tap ‘Network Information.’ You will find the passcode of your Wi-Fi network.

How do I connect my HP printer to my Wi-Fi?

Position your printer closer to your router. Choose the wireless setup wizard from the ‘Wireless settings’ menu. Choose your network’s name and input the password to link your printer to Wi-Fi.

How do I connect my printer to my Wi-Fi?

Connect your printer to the Wi-Fi through the Wireless Settings menu. Choose your network name and input the network password to finish the connection.

How do I reconnect my HP printer after changing Wi-Fi?

Choose ‘Network setup’ from the wireless menu. Now, choose ‘Restore network settings.’ Input the network password and name. Choose the wireless setup wizard from the wireless settings menu and input your network password.

Why is my HP printer not connecting to my Wi-Fi?

Position your printer closer to the router. Ensure that it is turned on and there is sufficient paper in the tray. You should not link your printer to your computer with a USB cable.

How do I fix my printer if it’s not connecting to Wi-Fi?

Reboot your printer and position it nearer to your router. Re-add your printer to your Windows computer. Update the printer drivers to fix the connection problem.

Why won’t my printer recognize my Wi-Fi?

Ensure that your printer is in the range of your router. Remove your printer and add it again. Go to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Devices.’ Choose ‘Printers and Scanners‘ and remove the printer. Then add it again.

Summing up

Learning to connect an HP printer wirelessly will have you reaping benefits like printing from anywhere and not needing messy cables. HP printers are quite reliable, and it is easy to print wirelessly over good broadband. If you face any printer errors, contact an HP Printer Support expert.

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