How Do I troubleshoot My HP Printer – Top Techniques

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Has your HP printer stopped working or shown an error status? Knowing the resolutions for common problems like these will help you tremendously. People often wonder how do I troubleshoot my HP printer when it shows errors or stops functioning. Unresponsive wireless HP printer and connection issues with the Wi-Fi also disturb users. But now there’s no reason to worry. In this article, we will list the best troubleshooting techniques for your HP printer.

How Do You Troubleshoot HP Printer Effectively?

Use the resolutions to fix HP printer problems. We will help you learn how to troubleshoot the HP wireless printer so you can resume your tasks easily.

1.   Fix the Wi-Fi connections

Start troubleshooting an HP wireless printer by restarting the printer and the computer. After that, identify issues with the wireless connection.

  • Move your HP printer closer to your Wi-Fi router.
  • Now, check if the wireless light is solid blue.
  • If the wireless light is not solid blue, restore the Wi-Fi setup mode on your printer. To do so, go to ‘Network Setup’ on the printer’s display and choose ‘Restore Network Settings.’
  • Now, ensure that your computer is connected to the right network.
  • Check the signal strength of your Wi-Fi.
  • Do not connect the printer to your computer through a USB cable.

2.   Fix HP wireless not responding through Diagnose & Fix

The Diagnose & Fix tool is a part of the HP Smart app. It helps fix the HP printer not responding wirelessly. Also, if you face problems like print jobs stuck in queue, print spooler errors, and HP printer offline problems, use this tool.

  • Launch the HP Smart application on your device.
  • Now, tap the ‘Diagnose & Fix’ icon.
  • If you are using macOS, tap ‘Diagnose & Fix’ from the ‘Printers’ menu.
  • Now, tap ‘Smart.’
  • The troubleshooter will run. You will see certain instructions on the diagnostic results screen.
  • Use them to troubleshoot your HP printer if it is not connecting to the Wi-Fi.

3.   Inspect the network environment and settings

You must check the network settings and environment if you face a slow Wi-Fi connection.

  • Launch the list of available networks on your PC and inspect the signal strength.
  • You may need to reposition the router if the signal status is weak.
  • Now, go to a website to check if the internet is working properly.
  • If it takes too much time to load, restart your router.
  • Check whether there are many devices on the network. If yes, remove some of them.
  • You can also take a print of the network configuration report to identify the problem.

4.   Update or reinstall your HP printer driver

Another reason for HP printer problems is an outdated or faulty driver. If you are still on the search for the right fix for your printer, updating or reinstalling the driver will work.

  • Access the Windows ‘Start’ button and go to ‘Device Manager.’
  • Enlarge the section of ‘Print queues.’
  • Now, right-tap on your printer driver.
  • Choose ‘Uninstall device.’
  • Abide by the prompts on your screen to finish the remaining process.
  • Now, access the Device Manager again. Right-tap on the first option and choose ‘Scan for hardware changes.’
  • The new drivers will be installed.
  • If you want to update the printer driver, choose your driver and right-tap it.
  • Select ‘Update driver.’
  • Tap ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ from the subsequent window.

5.   Check ink levels if your HP printer prints blank pages

One of the common HP printer problems is the printer printing blank pages. Follow these techniques when your printer prints a blank page or does not print in black.

  • Find the bucket icon on the printer’s control panel.
  • If there’s an exclamation mark, it indicates low ink. So, you need to refill the ink.
  • After replacing the ink cartridge, align the new one.
  • To do so, load plain paper in the input tray. Press the ‘Setup’ button on the printer’s display.
  • Choose ‘Tools’ followed by ‘Align print cartridge.’
  • A self-test page will print. It will also align the cartridges.
  • If print quality problems persist, clean the cartridges.
  • Press ‘Setup’ on the printer’s control panel.
  • Now, select ‘Tools’ by pressing ‘6.’
  • Press ‘1’ to choose ‘Clean Print Cartridge.’

6.   Fix errors 50.4 and 79

If you have the latest HP Laserjet printer, you may encounter error 50.4. It means an issue with the power supply. You must plug your printer directly into the wall outlet and not into a UPS.

Error 79 means a glitch with the network print server. It services the printer. To fix it, open the Printer folder on your system. Ensure that there are zero pending print jobs. If the error persists, remove add-ons. Add them one at a time to know which module is faulty.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I reset my HP printer?

Turn on the printer and take out its cord. Take out the other end of the cord from its source. After 60 seconds, connect the power cord back to the printer and the wall outlet. The printer will reset.

2. How do I fix my HP printer if it’s not connecting to Wi-Fi?

If your printer isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi, connect it with a cable. This will let you see whether the signal strength is the cause. Also, check whether the power source is working. Try rebooting the printer and check whether the problem is resolved.

3. What is the first simple step to troubleshoot my printer?

Take out the power cord from the printer and restart it. Check your wireless connection or the cables. Reinstall printer drivers. But if you have installed them, see that they are up-to-date.

4. Why is my HP printer offline?

HP printer can go offline if your cables are not linked properly to your printer. It can also occur if there is a paper jam. You must also delete print tasks to fix the HP printer offline error.

Concluding Words

Now, you will face no problems when you want to troubleshoot an HP printer wirelessly. The methods mentioned above will ease your issue, and you will be able to use your printer quickly. If you need additional guidance or assistance with any issue, contact HP printer support.


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