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How to Fix Brother Printer In Error State Issue – [4 Methods]

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It’s frustrating to see the Brother printer in an error state. Often the error state problem is associated with network-related issues in Brother printers, however, that’s not always the case. Users may encounter the error state problem in Brother printers when the printer is low on ink, Working with outdated printer drivers, troubled ink cartridges, connection-related issues, etc.

What makes the matter worse is the user tends to resolve the error state issue without knowing much about it which leads to some gruesome results or worse end up damaging some essential printer components. We know that you don’t want to see your Brother printer in an error state anymore, so to have your Brother printer back in printing mode, we have listed down some most effective steps. We bet that by using these steps, you will be overcoming the error in your Brother printer. Let’s eliminate the problem and fix it like a pro.

Why is my Brother printer in error state

Brother printer is a world-renowned printer used by students and working professionals. Most of the time the printer works smoothly, but sometimes the Brother printer in an error state can cause a lot of trouble. The following are the leading reasons why the user may face the error state issue.

  • Internet speed is not adequate for Brother printers to work.
  • You have not connected the network cables or USB wire properly to the printer.
  • The printer drivers are corrupted.
  • The malware or virus attack can also cause the printer in error state problems.
  • Sometimes, the BIOS issue (incorrect instructions passed between your Brother printer and computer) can also cause your printer to go into an error state

 4 Methods Fix Brother Printer Error in State Issue

Nothing can be as weird as the Brother printer in an error state. Sometimes, the printer gets out of the error state just like that, on the contrary, it may take a long time to resolve if not dealt with smartly. To answer those people who ask how do I get my printer out of the error state, we have listed down the quick ways.

Method 1. Tap all the cables to ensure correct insertion in slots

Loose cables are often ignored while dealing with printers. Any loose fitting will tend to create problems like Brother printer in an error state. You should always make sure that the USB cables, network cables, and other printer connections are tightly locked in their respective slots. Please follow the below steps

  1. Tighten all the network cables, USB cables, and printer connections.
  2. You may also remove all the cables and re-plug them into their respective slots.
  3. Please make sure the cable ends and slots are dust-free.
  4. If you are using the Brother printer wirelessly, please run a diagnostic check to verify the correct functioning of the router. To do that, go to the printers and devices in the Control Panel and make sure the printer is wirelessly connected.

Method 2. Refill the empty ink cartridges 

  1. An empty ink cartridge can also prompt the “printer in an error state” error message in your printer. Open the top cover of your printer, remove the ink cartridge, and replace it if needed.
  2. Please make sure to use the genuine Brother printer components.
  3. While replacing the ink cartridge, check that the printer is clear of all the paper jams.
  4. Also, you must supply an ample amount of printer paper.

Method 3. Refresh your printer with the latest printer drivers

Corrupted or outdated printer drivers can also cause the Brother printer to be in error state problems. You can update the windows with the latest drivers from the Control Panel and see if it clears the printer is in an error state message or not. Below are the steps to get your printer refreshed with the latest drivers.

  1. Search Control Panel on your computer. For that, you can open the search box, type the control panel, and hit enter.
  2. Go to the Device Manager and locate your printer in the list.
  3. Right-click on your Brother printer icon and tap the Update Driver option.
  4. Tap the option that says automatically search for updated driver software.
  5. Alternatively, you may navigate to the official Brother printer website and update the printer drivers from there.

Method 4. Try resetting the print spooler 

If nothing worked well in eliminating the Brother printer in an error state, resetting the printer spooler can come to the rescue.

  1. Open the command prompt. To do that  Time to start looking and searching CMD. Now right-click the Command Prompt program.
  2. Select Run as Administrator.
  3. On the Command Prompt window, type net stop spooler and tap Enter.
  4. Next, type start spooler and click Enter again.
  5. Now exit the command prompt window and restart your computer.


Hope, you are happy to see the Brother printer back from the error state. Clearing the Brother printer in error state issues requires you to follow some quick solutions such as ensuring proper cable connections, refilling the empty ink cartridges, installing the latest Brother printer drivers, and resetting the print spooler. Unfortunately, if you have come this far, but couldn’t fix the printer errors, you must contact the Brother printer Support Expert for Better Assistance

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