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How to Connect Brother Printer to WIFI – [Complete Guide]

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Brother printers have a fantastic range of Wi-Fi printers. A connection of your printer with Wi-Fi helps you print anywhere in your house without the annoyance of configuring cables. One of the prevalent questions in the minds of people is how to connect Brother printer to WiFi.

This process entails first discovering your wireless network settings of the router and then setting the printing machine on a wireless network. You can connect your printer to Wi-Fi on your Windows or Mac computer.

This guide will lay down all the stepwise instructions to help you navigate the process easily.

What You Need to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi

In order to set up your Brother machine successfully on a wireless network, you must be clear about your Network Name and Network Key. The Network Name is also called SSID or ESSID. The Network Key is known as the password or security key. Another name for it is the encryption key.

How to Connect Brother Printer to WiFi Without Cable

As mentioned before, this process requires you to find out your Network Name and Network Key. Only after that, can you link the printer over Wi-Fi.

1. Locate the SSID and password

Find the Network Name or SSID as well as the Network Key or password on the base of your wireless router.

If you cannot determine its location, go through the documentation on your router.

POINT TO NOTE: You cannot get your SSID or security key by contacting Brother. Instead, connect with your internet service provider or the router manufacturer to get these details.

Still, Brother gives the following steps to locate your wireless security settings on your Windows system.

  • Hit ‘Start’ and tap ‘Control Panel.’
  • Now, click ‘View Network Status and Task.’
  • Tap ‘Change Adaptor Settings.’Double-tap ‘Wi-Fi.’
  • On the next screen, click ‘Wireless Properties.’
  • Hit the ‘Security’ tab.
  • You will see various items like your security type, encryption type, and network security key in the ‘Security’ tab.

2. Connect your Brother printer to the WiFi

Begin by linking the power cord to your printer and then connecting it to the power socket. Now follow these instructions to learn how to connect a Brother printer to WiFi

  • Power on the printing machine.
  • On the control panel of your printer, hit the ‘Menu’ button.
  • Choose ‘Network’ through the Up or Down arrow key.
  • Hit ‘OK.’
  • Next, choose ‘WLAN’ via the Up or Down arrow key and hit ‘OK.’

NOTE – Depending on your Brother printer model, you may not be required to carry out this step.

  • Choose ‘Setup wizard’ through the Up or Down arrow key and press ‘OK.’
  • You will see the ‘WLAN enable?’ message on the screen.
  • Choose ‘Yes’ to turn on the wireless network.
  • Now your printer will start searching for your network.
  • Soon, you will see a list of available SSIDs or network names.
  • Touch the Up or Down keys again to choose your SSID, and then touch ‘OK.’
  • You will be required to do any one of these steps:
  1. If your encryption method needs the password or network key, input it. Now apply the new settings by tapping ‘OK’ followed by ‘Yes.’
  2. If ‘Open System’ is your authentication method, and ‘None’ is the encryption mode, follow the next instruction.
  • Your printer will try to link to your chosen wireless network.
  • You will see a Connected message written on the LCD screen of the printer if it connects successfully.
  • However, if a connection is not established, you should see the error code on the wireless connection report printed by the printer. Troubleshoot this error code to establish the connection.

This provides an answer to the commonly asked question of how to connect my Brother printer to WiFi. Now you just need to download the printer’s driver.

3. Download and configure the Brother printer driver and software

It is the final step that many users often overlook. In order to utilize your printer, you must install the drivers. It helps translate the commands from the computer into a format that the printer can process.

  • If you are a Windows PC user, head to the ‘Downloads’ section of the official Brother website.
  • Here, find your option and choose to download the ‘Full Driver & Software Package.’
  • Now, simply adhere to the guidelines on the screen to download the package.
  • Macintosh users should also access the ‘Downloads’ section on the official Brother website.
  • Once there, download the ‘Full Software Package.’
  • You will find all the guidelines regarding how to download it on the Downloads page.

NOTE – If you cannot view the full software package on the website, download ‘Printer driver’ and ‘Scanner driver.’ Find the instructions for it on the Downloads page. If you cannot find this option as well, use AirPrint.

Troubleshoot Brother Printer Not Connecting to WiFi

After learning how to connect a Brother printer to Wi-Fi wirelessly, you should also know about problems you may encounter. Many users report that even after using these steps, their printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi. These resolutions will help you fix the potential causes of this problem.

  • Test the Wi-Fi connection. Use another device to do it so you know that there’s no issue with your wireless connection.
  • Power recycle your router, computer, and Brother printer. This will make the devices productive again.
  • Print a WLAN report by navigating to ‘Print Reports’ on the printer and choosing ‘WLAN Report.’
  • In this report, you will see a connection column. It should read ‘OK.’
  • Confirm that you are inputting the right SSID and the network key. We have already described above the method to find out your wireless security information.
  • Examine the IP address of your Brother printer and system. You can view it in the network configuration report. They must be the same except for the end numbers.

Summing up

Learning how to connect a Brother printer to Wi-Fi will ease the process of printing and ensure that your workflow is not interrupted by any wires or equipment. It will also make your workplace tidier and more aesthetic. If you face any Printer errors in this process, consult a certified Brother printer Support expert.

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