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The Best Fixes for HP Printer Not Printing Black Error

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When you try Printing from your HP Printer but find it not printing in color, you certainly feel frustrated. Those who notice their HP printer not printing black think their printer has become old and they need to invest in another. But the issue arises due to low ink in the cartridge, the printer functioning improperly, and incorrect color settings. Read on to learn how to troubleshoot this common issue.

1. Use the printer troubleshooter

Windows 10 users should utilize this technique first when they question why is my HP printer not printing black ink.

  • Use the search bar button to go to the ‘Printers and Scanners’ section.
  • Here, choose the ‘Troubleshoot your printer’ option.
  • After that, press ‘Run the troubleshooter.’
  • Select your printer model in the window.
  • After that, hit ‘Next.’
  • The troubleshooter will detect and fix the issue.
  • It will make your HP printer print black.

2. Clean the HP printer’s printhead

Cleaning the printhead is important to troubleshoot the HP printer not printing color.

  • Access the ‘Clean printhead’ function on your system.
  • You can also open the printer’s cover and take its wire out from the power source.
  • Remove every cartridge.
  • Now take a cloth and start cleaning the printhead contacts.
  • Now insert print cartridges again into their slot.
  • Power on the printer.
  • Let the device boot up.
  • You can now run the automated startup sequence.
  • Print a document and see if the issue resolves.
  • If it doesn’t, repeat this procedure a couple more times.

3. Replace ink cartridges

Empty, clogged, or dry ink cartridges hinder printing. At worst, they can damage your printer.

  • Open the cartridge access door of your HP printer.
  • Remove the ink cartridge from its slot.
  • You must see the ink movement on shaking the cartridge.
  • If you cannot see the movement, the cartridge needs a replacement.
  • Replace it with a genuine ink cartridge from HP.
  • When installing the toner, ensure that the vents aren’t clogged.
  • Use a pin to clean the vents if they are clogged.

4. Employ HP Print and Scan Doctor

The in-house HP utility, the Print and Scan Doctor, is quite useful. Use it when your HP printer won’t print black, and you aren’t sure of the cause.

  • Download this utility from the official HP website.
  • Next, install it on your system.
  • Click it open, review it, and agree to the license terms.
  • Now, choose your printer.
  • Tap ‘Next.’
  • On the screen that shows, press ‘Fix printing.’
  • The utility will detect and fix the problem that’s causing the printer to not print black.
  • You will now get high-quality black outputs.

5. Turn on the color command

If the color command is disabled and you don’t know about it, you’ll wonder why is my HP printer not printing black.

  • Choose ‘Settings’ using the Windows ‘Start’ option.
  • Tap the ‘Printers’ option.
  • Next, right-click on the icon of your HP printer.
  • Pick ‘Properties’ from the drop-down.
  • From this page, tap ‘Printing preferences.
  • Next, click ‘Paper/Quality.’ It is the second tab on the upper-left part.
  • Tap ‘OK’ and give a test print command.
  • If the issue prevails, choose the ‘Greyscale’ printing option.

6. Align your HP Printhead

You can find the printhead alignment option in the ‘Control Panel.’ If you still complain, about why is my HP printer not printing black ink, consider aligning the printhead?

  • Complete the paper alignment process before printing.
  • Stack the input tray with plain paper.
  • Keep adjusting plain paper till the width guide makes contact with the paper’s edge.
  • Access the ‘Control Panel’ and choose the ‘Printers’ option.
  • Launch ‘Tools,’ and choose the ‘Maintenance’ menu.
  • Tap the option that aligns the print cartridges.
  • If you own an HP printer with a scanner, adhere to the alignment page guidelines to complete the alignment and scan.
  • Finally, start the printer again and print a test document.

7. Update your printer drivers

Old printer drivers will cause the HP printer not printing black issue.

  • Open the ‘Run’ dialog and input ‘devmgmt.msc.’
  • In the ‘Device Management’ window and expand the print queue.
  • Right-tap on the HP printers in this category.
  • From the menu, choose ‘Change drivers.’
  • Tap ‘Search’ to choose the updated driver software.
  • You’ll view the message, ‘The best driver software…installed’ when the driver updates finish.
  • Reset the printer and start your system again.

8. Set your HP printer as the default

You must set your printer as default. Otherwise, you’ll face various issues with printing.

  • Launch the Run dialog box.
  • Use it to navigate to the ‘Control Panel’ section.
  • Tap the ‘OK’ button.
  • In the ‘Control Panel’ window, tap ‘Devices and printers.’
  • There will be numerous printers listed on the screen.
  • Right-tap on your printer model and click ‘Set as default printer.’
  • You will view a green checkmark in the symbol of your HP printer.
  • It means that your printer is configured as default.

9. Modify the paper settings

Another effective fix to use when you find your HP printer not printing black is to use the glossy photo paper settings.

  • Change the driver settings.
  • Choose ‘Glossy photo paper.’
  • It will make your printer begin printing.

NOTE: This option is only for the printer with two black cartridges, one of them being pigment and the other dye-based.

10. Clean the area around the printer’s ink nozzles

Have you taken a test print but still found issues in quality? Follow this fix.

  • Take dry foam rubber swabs, a lint-free cloth, clean paper sheets, and distilled water.
  • Turn on your printer.
  • Open its cartridge access door.
  • Release the cartridge and remove it from the slot.
  • Place it on the paper.
  • Its ink nozzles should face up.
  • Dampen the rubber swab with water.
  • Clean the edges around the ink nozzle.
  • Let the cartridge remain idle for ten minutes.
  • Let the cleaned area dry.
  • Hold the ink cartridge using its sides.
  • Insert it into the slot.
  • Let the cartridge snap into place.
  • Use these steps to clean the area around the nozzle on the second cartridge.
  • Close the access door.

Summing up

After implementing these fixes, you won’t find bad-quality print outputs. Your printer will give you elegant printouts. But if you still see this issue and need printer-fixing error assistance, consult an HP printer Support expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my printer not printing black when ink is full?

There may be clogged or dried ink in the printer’s nozzles. So, by running a cleaning cycle you can clear this ink and make your printer print black.

Why does my HP printer not print black?

Calibrate your HP printer using the Align Printhead option in the Printer Maintenance menu. You can also go to support.hp.com and use the Virtual Assistant to diagnose the cause.

Why is my HP printer not printing even though it has ink?

Ensure that your HP printer has not been idle for a prolonged time. Check if it can communicate with your PC and whether the compatible drivers have been installed.

Why is black ink not printing?

Check the levels of black ink in your printer. They should not be too low. If the levels are fine, find out if the nozzle is clogged. Run a Printhead cleaning cycle.

How do you clean clogged ink nozzles?

Use warm water and a soft cloth to clean the clogged ink nozzles. You can use some isopropyl alcohol and then run the clean cycle. Ensure to clean gently and not forcefully.

Why is my HP printer not printing anything even though it has ink?

It is likely that the toner cartridges have been dislodged from their position or you have loaded the incorrect paper size. So, check for both these things. Also, run a printhead cleaning cycle.

How do I fix a HP printer that is not printing?

Firstly, check printer settings from the Devices and Printers section. Set your printer as default and disable Use printer offline feature. Then check for sufficient ink and clear pending print tasks.

Why is my wireless HP printer not printing?

Keep your wireless HP printer near the router and load adequate paper correctly. If it doesn’t help, run the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility. It will detect and fix wireless printing problems.

How do I reset my HP wireless printer?

Press and hold the printer’s Wireless and the Cancel buttons. Do so for 15 seconds until you hear a beep. This indicates that your printer’s network settings have been reset.

How do I reset my HP printer wirelessly?

Reset your HP printer wirelessly by pressing and holding the Wireless button and the Cancel button. Press and hold these buttons for five seconds. Let the printer restart. It will be reset.

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