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How to Fix Lexmark Printer Offline Issue Windows 10, 11

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Printers have become important technical devices in today’s world. One of the popular printer brands is Lexmark. However, it encounters various problems that hinder seamless printing. One among them is the Lexmark printer offline issue. This article will dive deep into the different troubleshooting techniques for this problem.

1. Ensure that the printer is powered on

It may not sound big, but you must ensure that your printer is powered. Link the power supply to a reliable source of power. Examine the lights of the printer, and check for any warnings.

New Lexmark models, like 2581+, 2580+, 2591+, and 2590 get powered up automatically when plugged into a source. These printers don’t have a standard power switch. Instead, the green ‘Start/Stop’ button is present on the front panel, acting as the power switch. To turn on the printer, hold this button for 5 seconds.

2. Upgrade the printer driver

If you employ an old variant of the driver, you will inevitably face Lexmark printer offline Windows 10 issue. So, download the latest driver.

  • Head to the printer manufacturer’s website.
  • In this case, it is the official website of Lexmark Printer.
  • Next, look for your driver version on the site.
  • Ensure that you are downloading the driver that’s fully compatible with your operating system.
  • Download the driver and install it.
  • You will be getting instructions on your screen to complete the installation process.
  • After the drivers get updated, restart your computer.
  • Now, you won’t complain about why is my Lexmark printer offline.

3. Examine the printer connectivity

If your Lexmark printer is not properly connected, you will face a Lexmark printer offline error. Issues in printer connectivity can arise because of cartridge or paper jams.

  • Check the connectivity by first heading to ‘Control Panel.’
  • Go to ‘Settings‘ followed by ‘Reports.’
  • Now, select the ‘Network‘ tab.
  • After that, choose the ‘Network setup‘ page.
  • If your Lexmark printer model has no touchscreen, hit ‘OK‘ to go through the settings.
  • Now, examine the first part of the page.
  • You must check for the Connected status.
  • If your printer isn’t connected, the LAN drop will be inactive.
  • Check the network cable and if its plugged in or not.
  • If you cannot find any clue of connectivity, connect with your network administrator.

4. Factory reset your printer

Factory resetting is another option to fix Lexmark printer offline Windows 10 error.

  • Head to the printer’s website and hit the ‘Login’ option.
  • Now, input the credentials of the administrator.
  • Choose ‘Settings‘ on the menu.
  • Now, tap ‘Device‘ followed by ‘Restore factory defaults.’
  • After that, choose the ‘Restore all settings’ option followed by ‘Start.’
  • When your Lexmark printer restarts, all its settings will be reset to default configurations.
  • Now you can set the time and date.

5. Clear stuck print jobs

When print jobs build up on the printer, it makes it unresponsive. So, you must cancel the stuck or incomplete jobs to fix the Lexmark printer offline error.

  • Tap ‘Start‘ and move towards ‘Control Panel.’
  • Here, choose the ‘Printers and other hardware‘ option.
  • Tap’ Printers and faxes‘ followed by ‘View installed printers.’
  • Double-tap the printer to launch the print queue.
  • In the menu, tap ‘Printer.’
  • Select the ‘Pause printing’ option to stop all printing.
  • Tap ‘Printer‘ again and choose ‘Purge print documents.’
  • Tap ‘Yes‘ to confirm.

How to Fix Lexmark Printer Offline on Mac

Like Windows users, Mac users can also bring their printers online through these fixes.

1. Examine the drivers and software of your system and printer

To bring your printer online, it is essential to check its drivers and software.

  • Head to the Apple menu and select the option,’ About this Mac.’
  • Find whether you are currently employing the current release or not.
  • If not, move towards the ‘Software update‘ and install the latest updates on your Mac device.

2. Set Lexmark as the default printer

You will face the Lexmark printer offline on Mac if it has not been set as the default printer. Here is how users of different Mac models can bring their Lexmark printer to the default one.

  • Mac OS X v10.1
  1. From the Finder, move towards ‘Go‘ followed by ‘Applications‘ and then’ Utilities.’
  2. Now, choose ‘Print Center.’
  3. You will see the Printer List dialog.
  4. From this list, choose your Lexmark printing device.
  5. Select ‘Make default‘ from the drop-down menu.
  6. The process is the same if you use Mac OX X v10.2.
  • Mac OS X v10.3 Panther
  1. From the Finder, head to ‘Applications‘ followed by ‘Utilities.’
  2. Now, choose ‘Printer Setup Utility.’
  3. In the Printer List dialog, choose your Lexmark printing device.
  4. Tap ‘Make default.’

3. Fix the paper jam issue

A paper jam can happen in the trays, rear door, or feeder, causing the Lexmark printer offline issue.

  • If the jam is in the tray, remove it and take out all the jammed paper/
  • If it is in the rear door, open the door and allow the surface to cool. Then take out the paper.
  • In case the jam is in the feeder, take it out and remove it. Then put the paper by aligning its edges.

Other fixes to implement on the Lexmark Printer

Have you performed the measures above, but still complain about why is my Lexmark printer offline on Mac? Check and implement the following measures.

  • Examine if your printing device is in sleep mode. Hit the ‘Power‘ button to wake the printer.
  • There should not be any warning signs from the blinking lights on the printer.
  • Examine the paper tray and the cartridge. Ensure that the tray has sufficient paper and that the cartridge has enough ink.
  • Turn off the device and then turn it on. Now, give a print command.

Summing up

All these fixes have been proven to resolve the offline issue in Lexmark printers. They are easy to implement and help you use your printer effectively again. If you need more help with printer fixing errors, contact a printer technical support expert.

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