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HP Printer Power Light Blinking – Troubleshoot the Error

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HP printers are quite popular worldwide. However, it doesn’t mean that printer users never face any issues with them. One of the major problems is when they find the HP printer power light blinking. It can be difficult to find the exact problem that a blinking power light indicates.

This is because it points towards anything from problems with an ink cartridge to a paper jam. Whatever the case, it is essential to take steps to troubleshoot the issue. If you don’t do so, your printer can become unresponsive very fast.

This article will give you the possible problems that blinking power light buttons indicate and how to fix them.

Why Is the HP printer power light blinking

Before troubleshooting the HP printer power light blinking issue, you must first identify the button from which the light comes. Learn its function, and know the light blinking pattern so you can get to the root of the actual issue.

  • Determine the right button – The power button on the HP printer is present on the far right of the control panel. There are eight total buttons or lights on HP printers. These include the following:
  1. The cancel button
  2. Resume button
  3. Information button
  4. Ink alert light
  5. Wireless button
  6. Power button
  7. Start Copy Color button
  8. Start to Copy Black button

The blinking light on each of these buttons displays a unique printer problem.

  • Identify the pattern of the light – If you find light blinking at regular intervals, it may indicate a problem different than when the light blinks in a specific pattern. This light blinking pattern shows a specific problem, such as a need for maintenance, paper jam, and the like.

After understanding the button and the light blinking pattern, resolve the error with the following solutions.

1. Resolve the Problem Related to the Identification of the Printing Paper Type

One possible problem that the HP Printer power light blinking indicates is with a particular printing paper. It may be that the printer isn’t compatible with that paper type. You can fix the issue by modifying the current print settings.

  • If the paper is not compatible with print mode settings, change the paper or the settings.
  • Head to the Print Settings and launch the ‘Properties’ box.
  • Go to the tab that has details about the paper’s type and size.
  • Use the menus to enter the type and size of paper you are currently using.
  • After changing the settings, try printing.

2. Fix the Wireless Connectivity Issue

Sometimes, the problem may also indicate that your printer is unable to link with the wireless network. In such a case, a hard reset is a way to go.

  • Turn off your HP Printer by hitting the Power button.
  • Take out the power cord from the printer’s back.
  • Also, take it out of the power socket.
  • After 30 seconds, reconnect the cord to the printer’s back and to the power socket.
  • Hit the Power button to start your device again.
  • If your device has a Resume button, hit it for 20 seconds.
  • Release it only when you see the Attention light turning on.
  • Finally, examine the wireless router to see if it is functioning correctly.

3. Remove the Cartridges and Restart the HP Printer

If you still find your HP power light blinking, use this method. It involves first removing the cartridges and then disconnecting the printer.

  • Gently remove the cartridges from your HP printing device.
  • After that, disconnect the power cord from your printer’s side.
  • Disconnect it from the outlet in the wall also.
  • If the printer is linked to a USB cord, disconnect it.
  • Now, wait for around 15 seconds after disconnecting the cords.
  • Hit the power button on your printing device and relink the disconnected wires.
  • Switch on the HP device.
  • Wait till it produces a document.
  • Check if any light is blinking.
  • If no lights are blinking, the issue has been resolved.

4. Close the Printer’s Cover

Sometimes, the printer light may blink when its cover is open. The resolution is very simple. Just close the printer’s lid. You will find the blinking light stopping immediately.

Before closing the lid or the cover, check that no foreign object blocks the path of the printer.

5. Clean the HP Cartridges

Faulty or incorrect cartridges can also cause the HP printer power light to blink. Resolve the error by cleaning the cartridges.

  • Open the cover of your printing device.
  • Remove a cartridge.
  • Now, close the cover and give a test print command.
  • If the printer prints without any issues, you have found the cause of the problem.
  • Replace that cartridge with a genuine HP cartridge.
  • Clean the problematic cartridge thoroughly using distilled water.
  • If you don’t have a replacement cartridge, use this cleaned cartridge instead.
  • It is likely that you won’t find any errors.

6. Clear the HP Printer Paper Jam

Another reason behind the power light blinking in your HP printer is a paper jam. Clear it if you suspect one through these steps.

  • Open the printer’s back cover.
  • Now take out debris or paper at the back of the printer.
  • Take a soft cloth. Soak it in distilled water and squeeze the excess liquid.
  • Use it to clean the paper roller.
  • Open the printer’s top cover and examine the cartridge carriage path.
  • It should not have any obstructions.

Summing up

Blinking the power light on an HP printer can point to different problems. Now you know what you need to do whenever you face this issue. If you need more assistance to troubleshoot printer errors like these, contact a printer support service expert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the power light blinking on my printing device?

The power light may be blinking because of defective or incorrect cartridges. Defective barcode labels on the cartridge’s bottom can also be a cause for it. Another reason why the power light is blinking is the dirty cartridge sensor.

Why is the red light blinking on my HP printer?

If a red light is blinking, it means your HP printer has low supplies or you need to insert a cartridge. A good resolution would be to take out the cartridges and turn off the printer. After 30 seconds, plug the power cord into the printer. Lastly, insert the cartridges.

Why is the power light on my HP 4155e flashing?

If the power light of your HP 4155e is flashing, it means that the printer requires maintenance. It also indicates that the printer is in an error state.

What does a flashing power button mean on a printer?

A flashing power button on your printer can mean two things. It can indicate that your printer needs maintenance or that it is in an error state.

How do I reset my HP printer?

Press and hold the ‘Cancel’ and ‘Wireless’ buttons from the control panel of the HP printing device. Do it for three seconds and it will reset your printer. Reconnect it to your network.

Why is my HP Deskjet 4155e power light blinking?

The power light of HP Deskjet 4155e blinks if the printer is processing your print command. If the light blinks fast, it can mean that the printer is in an error state.

Why is my HP Deskjet 3700 power button blinking?

The power button of your HP Deskjet 3700 printer may blink if the device is not connected to the network. So, place it nearer to the wireless router and link it to your network.

Why is my HP power button blinking but not turning on?

If your HP device’s power button blinks but it does not turn on, take out its battery and re-insert it. This can also be a result of a poor connection. So, check for that also.

Why is the power button flashing on my HP Deskjet 2700e?

The power button flashes on your HP Deskjet 2700e when the door of the cartridge is open. A flashing power button can also indicate that your printer is currently in an error state.

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