How to Change Ink in Epson Printer

How to Change Ink in Epson Printer and Resume Printing

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Epson ink cartridges and bottles are renowned worldwide. So, users must know how to change the ink in the Epson printer. This is essential because when the ink levels go low, the printer won’t work till you change the cartridge. This process is not very difficult.

You must know the ink suitable for your printing device and the steps to remove old cartridges and install new ones.

Keep reading this post to learn about it in detail.

Which Ink Does an Epson Printer Use?

Epson printers employ individual ink cartridges. It means every cartridge has a particular ink color. Most devices need black, magenta, cyan, and yellow cartridges.

The cartridges are present in standard-yield or high-yield sizes. If you are a regular printer user, go for a high-yield cartridge. Epson DURABrite cartridges have a pigment-based formulation for water and fade-resistant output.

Epson Claria Photo HD cartridges have dye-based ink and are meant for amateur photo printing. Epson UltrasChrome HD cartridges have pigment-based ink for precise, vibrant shades.

The Steps to Change Ink on Epson Printer

This process can be divided into two steps. The first is removing old cartridges, and the second entails installing new ones. To know how to change ink on an Epson printer, keep reading the sections below.

Remove old cartridges

  • Power on your Epson printer.
  • Ensure that it’s properly linked to a source of power.
  • Now open the cover of the printer.
  • You can now see the ink cartridge and the printhead inside it.
  • If your printer has an LCD screen, check the message of the cartridge is low.
  • If your cartridges are low or empty of ink, choose the cartridges you wish to replace and hit ‘OK.’
  • Let the printhead stop at the replacement position.
  • If your printer has a cartridge cover, open it.
  • Now, access the ink cartridges.
  • Find the tab on every cartridge’s back and squeeze it.
  • Lift the ink cartridge to remove it.
  • You only need to wiggle the tab to pull the cartridge out.

Install new ink for the Epson printer

  • Before opening the cartridge package, shake it gently.
  • Now, open the cartridge’s packing and take them out.
  • Take out the yellow tape from the ink cartridge before installing it.
  • Insert the cartridge into the cartridge socket.
  • Push it down till it firmly snaps into the printhead.
  • After installing the cartridges, close the printer cover.
  • If your printer has a ‘Maintenance’ button, press it. Now you know how to change ink in an Epson printer.

Change Ink Cartridges in Epson WF-2750

Epson Workforce WF-2750 has robust Epson 220XL cartridges. Here’s a simple process to find out how to change ink in Epson printer WF-2750. This process also applies to Epson WF-2630, Epson WF-2650, Epson WF-2660, and Epson WF-2760.

Remember that the compatible cartridges for these printers are Epson 220 series and Epson 220 XL series cartridges.

  • Life the scanner bed.
  • Don’t move the printhead, as it can damage the product.
  • Are you installing the cartridges on a totally new Epson WF-2750 model? Take away the placeholder plastic tabs before installing the ink.
  • There will be a tab at the rear of the cartridge. Squeeze it towards you.
  • Now, pull the cartridge straight up.
  • It will slide out of its place simply.
  • Take out the ink from its packet.
  • The black ink is on the far-left side.
  • It is followed by cyan, magenta, and then yellow.
  • Install the cartridge straight down into the printer’s carriage.
  • It will click into place.
  • This is the process to follow for replacing other low-ink cartridges.

Change Ink in Epson Printer WF-2830

This Epson printer model uses high capacity 212 XL and standard capacity 212 cartridges. Read these points to understand how to change ink in Epson WF-2830.

  • Link your printer to the power.
  • Hit the ‘On’ button.
  • Now, scroll down to the ‘Maintenance’ menu. Use the arrow buttons for it.
  • Navigate to ‘Ink Cartridge Replacement’ and press ‘OK.’
  • Now, hit the ‘Start’ button in a diamond shape.
  • You have commenced the process of changing the ink.
  • Now, open your Epson printer.
  • Employ the tabs on its side.
  • The carriage will move into its position.
  • When this happens, remove the cartridge from its packet.
  • Slide the ink into the printer.
  • Push it down. Do it till it clicks into place.
  • Follow these steps again for all other cartridges.
  • Now, let the printer process these cartridges.
  • You will see the message, ‘Checking ink cartridges…’ on the screen.
  • If you are using a third-party cartridge, you will see a message ‘Non-genuine ink detected.’
  • Hit the ‘OK’ button.
  • Now close your printer. Hit the ‘Home’ button.
  • That’s it. You have completed the process to change the ink on your Epson printing device.

Troubleshoot Epson Printer Not Printing After Refilling Ink

If you find your Epson printer not producing the desired output after changing ink, follow these simple measures.

  • It is likely that your ink has dried. You can run an extended cleaning cycle to fix the issue. Just tap the ‘Cleaning’ button on your printer.
  • Use the ink cartridge reset feature. This measure is helpful if your printer cannot recognize the new ink. After you reset it, the printer will detect the new ink.
  • A protective tape on the cartridge prevents ink from spilling while shipping. You must take it out before installing ink.
  • Refill ink properly in the printer. Sometimes, bubbles form and prevent the printer from printing. Add ink to the cartridge sponge and let the cartridge sit idle for a few minutes. This will eliminate the formation of bubbles.

Concluding Words

Now you can easily change ink on the most popular Epson printing models. Just endure to replace ink on time and do so properly. Remove the protective tape and run a cleaning cycle if the printer fails to print after installing new ink. If you encounter any Printer errors, contact a technical expert.

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